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Your loan amount is too large for us to provide an accurate quote online with this form. Please call us for a custom quote that will reflect proper cost and savings for the larger loan amounts.

TRID Disclosure Assistance for Purchase Transactions

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Other fees may apply. All figures are estimates only and are intended for use only with transactions involving residential real estate. All fees are subject to change. Parties involved in non-standard residential transactions or transactions involving commercial real estate should call Meridian Title Company at 417/887-7681 for further information. If you are involved in a real estate purchase or sale, some of these fees may be assessed to another party in your transaction depending upon your contract.


Title Search: This is a complete history and check of the chain of title to the subject property. The search will determine current property vesting, highlight requirements to close in order for a Title Insurance Policy to be issued, and indicate any exceptions to coverage. Please note, title searches outside of our service area may exceed standard fees.

Title Insurance Premium: This is the insurance premium you are paying for your policy(ies). The amount charged is based on the amount insured (loan amount and/or purchase price) and is based on rates filed with the Missouri Department of Insurance.

Title Service Fee: The amount charged is based upon the dollar amount of the transaction. This fee covers search examination and file processing.

Purchase Closing Fee: This fee applies to purchase transactions only. Typically, this fee is split between the buyer and seller at closing.

Refinance Closing Fee: This fee applies to refinance transactions only. This is the fee charged to the borrowers who are refinancing their property.

Closing Protection Letter (CPL): The CPL may indemnify lenders, owners and sellers against loss of settlement funds due to the acts or omissions of company personnel, including theft of settlement funds and failure to comply with written closing instructions. CPL costs are based on rates filed with the Missouri Department of Insurance.